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Importance of Doing Cardio

Importance of Doing Cardio


Cardiovascular exercise commonly referred to as cardio is any exercise that increases your heartbeat rates. This may include running, walking, push-ups, jumping and so on. Cardio has lots of important health benefits. It is great for losing weight and most people who are into cardio are either doing it solely to burn off fat or slim down. This is just a tip of the iceberg of the importance of Cardio. The benefits of Cardio cuts across all health areas and I’ll be outlining a few of them in this post. There are so many benefits of Cardio to the human health that you might want to consider starting your own cardiovascular exercise today. Without much ado, let's get started with the benefits of Cardio:

Cardio keeps your heart healthy

The human heart is a muscular organ. Like the bicep and triceps muscles on our arms, without constant exercise, it weakens and may not be able to lift up much load for a long time.

The heart pumps blood (load) round the body at every second of the day. By exercising the muscles of the heart through cardio, you strengthen it to be able to perform this task effectively and for a long time.

Cardio increases body metabolism

Metabolism is the sum of the whole building processes going on in your body. By increasing your heartbeat rates through cardio, you also hasten this process.

During cardio, your body takes in more oxygen than normal, this helps it to easily burn off fats and keep you fit.

Cardio helps in managing diabetes

Excess blood glucose is the cause of diabetes. By burning off this excess, you can easily bring down your blood sugar level considerably. This is why cardio is important in managing diabetes. Due to increased muscular activities during the exercise, the muscles will utilize more sugar from the blood leading to a reduction in the blood sugar level.

Cardio eases depression and uplift moods

Suffering from depression? Feeling sad? needs some uplifting and happiness? Then cardio might be your answer. It may seem like giving much credit to an exercise but it has been demonstrated that cardio actually can move one from the state of depression to happiness. In simple explanations without bugging you with medical terms, cardio helps to burn off excess energy in your body which you'll otherwise not use. By doing this, it takes care of stress by changing the chemical activates in the brain. So next time you feel depressed or downcast, don't reach out for those pills with loads of side effects instead engage you're in a little cardio and see the changes for yourself.

Cardio Improves sleep quality

Well for those suffering from insomnia, this wouldn't come as a surprise as you might have been advised to engage in an exercise in order to fall asleep faster, well if you have not heard then I'm telling you now cardio can help you fall asleep faster. Cardio helps to clean up your mind and keep your brain relaxed so that it can shut down quickly at night when you climb into your bed. However, ensure you don't start the exercise when you are about getting into bed-you'd probably stay awake all night. Engage in cardio in the morning or at noontime not later than 6 pm.

As previously stated, there are numerous benefits of Cardio besides helping you lose or maintain your weight. Performing cardio is not as hard as you may think, starting it is often the hardest part, once you start, you will love it


John Batista Bocchino