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Great Exercises for Specific Body Parts

Great Exercises for Specific Body Parts

While exercising, we often engage the whole body. We trained the whole body at the same time without focusing on developing special parts. Some of us are into workouts because we want to achieve one fitness goal or the other. Some are into it because they want to burn belly fat, become more muscular or just for the fun of it. If you're exercising for a particular reason or want to develop certain parts of your body then your exercise plan should be more centered around that body part. Yes exercising the whole body is great and important and you should do that all the time but we advise that you focus more on a specific body parts that you would like to improve. This will help you see quicker results which will encourage you more to participate in exercises. One reason why most people quit exercising is because they don't see results quickly. To avoid falling into this mental hole, you should focus on developing a body part. When developed, you can move on to the next one.

So, for your needs, here are some of the exercises that focus on developing specific body parts. While performing this exercises, all your body will be exercised but it will be more pronounced on a particular part of your body. Decide what part of your body you will want to develop and go through this list. Pick the ones that focuses on your preferred body parts and start working on it.

Let’s begin:

Flat abdomen exercise

To get a flat abdomen, simply lay your back on a mat and lift one of your legs up. Then try touching your lifted knees with your head by raising your upper body. Repeat this procedure with your other leg. Continue this exercise to get a flat tummy.

 Straighten your thighs

Straight thighs are quite beautiful but most of us have jiggly thighs. But we can easily straighten this out by simple exercises. Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width. Then Put your hands on the front of your hips and slightly bend your knees.

Then move your upper body forward as far as you can. Exhale deeply. Then pull your stomach as far in as possible. Move your hands from your hips to your shoulders and inhale while thrusting your chest outs and pushing your butts back.

Triceps and biceps

The triceps and biceps are probably the most popular of muscles and often show the level of workout one engaged in. To develop both muscles, you can easily engage in some push-ups. Lay flat on a mat with your stomach down. Now try lifting your body with your arms, then bring it down and lift again. By engaging in this exercise regularly, you build up your arms and calves muscles. Optionally you may use weights.

 Stronger calves

The calves muscles is quite important and often great for agility. To strengthen your calves is quite simple. While standing try squatting by bending your knees and opening it slightly. Move down slowly and then move up again. Continue this up and down squatting movements to strengthen your calves.

Chest building exercise

While this is no guarantee for building a chest like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it sure will help you develop your chest. Push-ups  is great for this. You may want to take it a little bit more higher by engaging in decline push up. Place your feet on a raised surface about 6 inches to 1 foot high above the ground then do as normal push up. This will help develop your chest muscles and make them sturdier.

As already stated, all this workouts will exercise all your body parts but the effects will be more pronounced on the stated body parts. You may pick one from these to develop a body part and after that you can start focusing on the next one.


John Batista Bocchino